Manufacturer: Whelen
TANF65Six Lamp Linear-LED’ Traffic Advisor™, 37" Long
TANF85Eight Lamp Linear-LED’ Traffic Advisor™, 45.12" Long
TANF85**Six Lamp Linear-LED’ Traffic Advisor™ with Two End Flashing Super-LED’s, Blue, Red and/or Amber, 45.12" Long
TACF85Eight Lamp CON3™ Super-LED’ Traffic Advisor™, 45.12" Long
TACF85**Eight Lamp CON3™ Super-LED’ Traffic Advisor™ with 2 End Flashers, Red, Blue and/or Amber, 45.12" Long
TANBKT1NEW Mounting Bracket, for top of Vehicle (Horizontal) Mounting

Replace " * " symbol in model number with letter indicating lens color or LED color desired:
A = Amber; B = Blue; C = Clear/White; R = Red; G = Green