We have complete facility maintenance services at G P Roadway Solutions to extend the life of your asphalt parking lots. We have offices in Honolulu, Kahului, Kailua-Kona, and Lihue to dispatch crews to fix the inevitable problems associated with facility and parking lot maintenance. Our focus is on your asphalt pavement preservation and all the additional services that go along with that.

Pothole patching

Potholes often develop because of damage to your pavement's base course. After your pavement has become oxidized, cracks form and then turn into alligator cracks. These alligator cracks then develop into individual potholes. We provide several ways to repair potholes.

Our pothole patch material is ahigh-performance cold patch that is pre-mixed, all weather, permanent asphalt “cold patch” compound. Combining a carefully selected aggregate with a special bitumen formula using a biodegradable, renewable, organic solution to replace petroleum derivatives normally found in conventional cold mix asphalt. This means that our cold patch is a “greener” alternative since it gives off no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) that would affect the air for consumers and workers installing it.

GPRS parking lot maintenance

Crack filling

Prevent water damage to your asphalt pavement by filling in cracks that come with asphalt wear. Although asphalt is designed to be watertight, moisture can enter through alligator cracks in your pavement. If water is permitted to reach the base course, it causes the asphalt to flex, creating more cracks and allowing more water into the asphalt and base. Don’t let all that water wash your investment away. Crack filling or crack sealing will maintain the integrity of your pavement and prevent water from penetrating into your base course.

GPRS parking lot maintenance


Sealcoating acts as a waterproofing agent and minimizes the rate at which water enters the asphalt pavement. The moisture intrusion into asphalt pavement accelerates its deterioration and is strongly related to asphalt pavement’s failure. We utilize a special seal coating sealant designed for Hawaii’s hot tropical climate, to keep your asphalt intact and prevent water from seeping to the base below. Our sealcoating sealant forms a watertight seal upon application and dries quickly to prevent tires and pedestrians from creating tracking marks.

GPRS parking lot maintenance

Striping & painting

We will paint striping lines for stalls, ADA stalls and curbing once the sealcoating has been installed. We use quality road marking paint created to stand up to the daily sun and traffic of Hawaii’s busy streets. All markings will be consistent with State of Hawaii, county, NHTSA and ADA requirements for roadways to maintain consistent look for drivers.

Installing speed bumps, humps, parking stops, guardrail, bollards, and signs

As part of the complete parking lot maintenance service, we can address deficiencies above the asphalt and install the following items to make your parking lot or road safer for drivers & pedestrians:

Parking blocks (cement, rubber,or plastic) - to help designate the boarders of the parking space. Comes in various colors.

Speed bumps – (plastic & rubber) – to reduce speed in parking lots & roads. Comes in various sizes& colors.

Speed humps (plastic & rubber) reduce speed in parking lots & roads. Not as tall as a speed bump and easier to navigate over. Various sizes.

Parking signs – We will install parking, no parking, handicap, tow away, etc. signs according to MUTCD regulations.

Traffic signs – We can install stop signs and other traffic signs, posts and break away posts according to MUTCD regulations.

Guard rail & bollards – We will install guard rails, railings & bollards to designate boarders of the parking area and help protect walls, fire hydrants or pedestrian walkways.

Contact us for anfacility inspection. We'll visit your site and provide recommendations for how you can best maintain and rejuvenate your facility.

GPRS parking lot maintenance