Manufacturer: Whelen

High performance, cost competitive Super-LED® lightbar with a wide range of options, designed for ease of operation, upgrade and serviceability.


  • Front, rear and all bar operation control
  • Optional Scan-Lock™ flash patterns
  • Pattern override feature
  • Alley lights
  • Take-downs or flashing takedowns
  • Optional Traffic Advisor with control head


  • Twelve inches wide and only 2 1/4" high (without mounting feet).
  • Three standard lengths 44", 50", 56" plus a 62" Wrecker Bar.
  • Black polycarbonate base on an extruded aluminum platform. Clear outer lens standard with a moisture resistant compression fit gasket. Color lenses available.
  • Standard CON3™ lighthead modules with removable optic spreading filters.
  • Center section available with single CON3 or two LTR3s™ (for split color center section).
  • Corner modules available with 6 or 9 Super-LEDs®.
  • Standard passenger side cable, driver side optional.
  • Service oriented. Change colors, upgrade or service lightbar in the field.
  • Simply remove four screws to access any section of the lightbar.
  • Replace any lighthead by removing one screw and single connector.
  • Wrecker Lightbar, standard 62" Competitor Series model with rear work and brake/tail turn lights.