Manufacturer: Whelen

Three super bright Linear-LED modules in a smaller housing that fits snugly against the upper front windshield of late model Ford Crown Victoria police vehicles.


  • Available with three solid color, center mounted split red/blue module, center mount clear remote strobe or center mounted dual MR8 take-downs.
  • Model available with one single color and one California steady red with two MR8 take downs.
  • Virtually undetectable when not in operation.
  • Super-LEDs are low current, vibration and moisture resistant for reliable long life operation.
  • Easy installation to visor anchor points.
  • Scan-Lock provides multiple flash patterns.
  • Five-year warranty on LEDs.


Size: 2-3/4" (71mm) H x 7-1/8" (181mm) W x 18" (46cm) L.