Manufacturer: Whelen

Similar to the FL & FX Series but includes an external interface unit, the WeCan electronic control module (ECM), which controls all lightbar operating functions via a 2 conductor, 20 gauge cable. All functions are programmed via simple “pick & click, or drag” screens. Windows based 2000, XP or later operating system required. USB input to the ECM from PC or laptop makes programming easy. This small cable allows for easier overall wiring and  lightbar installation. Up to twelve different programmed warning configurations can be operated via customer-supplied switching to each of only twelve input wires to the ECM (default program pre-installed).


  • Once the ECM is programmed, selection of these wires will allow for:
  • Phase control of each lighthead with four phases allows for alternating, simultaneous and combination flash patterns.
  • Cruise light control with almost unlimited adjustable intensity levels.
  • Complete independent On/Off control of each lighthead.
  • Flashing pattern control of each lighthead.
  • Independent (sequential) or 2-wire control of the traffic arrow functions (left, right, split, and does not require a Traffic Advisor control head).
  • Independent Hi/Low control is available to any one or more Super-LED lightheads, excluding the four corner modules (required for SAE certification).
  • The FV Series has four standard length Linear-LED corner modules with FLALY or MR16 alley light options.


  • Rugged extruded aluminum I-Beam construction.
  • All models meet or exceed SAE Class 1 and California Title XIII requirements.
  • 70% lower amp draw over comparable strobe models.
  • Four corner Linear-LED Super-LED modules, available in standard or extended lengths.
  • Add up to twelve wide angle, Linear Super-LED directional modules, for a total of sixteen.
  • Build your lightbar in any color combination with take-downs and LED modules in any position you want.
  • Optional flashing and/or steady halogen take-down or alley lights.
  • Clear outer lenses are standard, optional color lenses available.
  • Available with Scan-Lock™ flash pattern control that lets you toggle through the multiple flash patterns and lock in the pattern you select. Every pair of lights can have its own unique pattern. External control cable included.
  • 75 SignalAlert™ flashes per minute, per head (default pattern).
  • Standard Lengths: 44”, 50”, 55”.
  • Size: 3-3/4” (95mm) H x 12” (304mm) W x Lengths: 44-3/8” (113cm) or 49-3/4” (126cm) or 55-1/8” (140cm).
  • 15’ cable, passenger side exit. Driver side cable exit with 25’ power cable optional.
  • Five year HDP (Heavy-Duty Professional) warranty on LEDs.
  • Permanent mount kit MKEZ7 included.
  • Optional built-in LED Traffic Advisors.
  • Custom lengths available.