Manufacturer: Whelen

Edge® Ultra Freedom features all Linear-LED® technology in a warning package that rivals strobe in impact but provides heavy-duty, long life operation with low current draw. Start with four Linear-LED® (patent pending) modules and add up to eight more Linear-LED® modules for a total of 12 Linear Super-LED™ modules, or take-down’s, alley’s etc. in just the combination you want. All Ultra lightbars are made for rough treatment and long hours of use.


  • Class 1, SAE and California Title XIII certified.
  • Three standard lengths: 44” (44-3/8”), 49 (49-3/4”) and 55” (55-1/8”).
  • Rugged extruded aluminum I-Beam construction.
  • Available with ScanLock™ flash pattern control that lets you toggle through multiple flash patterns and lock in the pattern you select. Every pair of lights can have its own unique pattern.
  • 15’ cable, passenger side exit. Driver side cable exit with 25’ power cable optional.
  • Permanent mount kit MKEZ7 included.
  • Custom lengths available.
  • Use the Lightbar wizard to configure your lightbar to your specifications.
  • 4 corner “Linear_LED®” Super-LED™ modules.
  • Add up to 8 “LINEAR8™” Super-LED directional modules.
  • ScanLock flash patterns.
  • 70% lower amp draw over comparable strobe models.
  • Clear outer lenses are standard, optional color lenses available.


  • Each group of four LED lightheads are driven by an all electronic LED ballast that provides proper input power and Scan-Lock™ flash patterns. You are assured of equal light intensity from each lighthead through a voltage range of 10 - 16 VDC.
  • Low “LC” current operation uses a small diameter external cable harness for operation with standard or low current switch controls or micro switches.
  • Scan-Lock™ allows you to scan through ten flash patterns and lock in the desired pattern. Each pair of lights can have its own unique pattern.
  • Pre-wired with 15’ passenger side cabling. Driver side cable exit is available.
  • Options include five or six LED module Traffic Advisor™ and optional halogen flashing take-downs, alley lights.
  • Optional Strap Mounting Kits available for a wide variety of vehicles.
  • 5-Year HDP®, Heavy-Duty Professional warranty on LED ballasts and Linear-LED® lightheads.
  • Standard base bars draw 2.5 amps@13.6 VDC.
  • Custom lengths available: 60, 66, 72, 77, 82, 88, 93 and 98 inch models.