TraffiCalm Intelligent Beacon Presentation 7/30/2020 7:00 AM


Learn about the NEW simple & quick to install wireless Intelligent Beacons from TraffiCalm for crosswalks, road hazard and traffic alert systems. Completely tested and designed in house, Intelligent Beacons boost a legacy application into a recognizable, but entirely new solution. We have sourced the best beacon hardware in the industry, mated it to our own Controllers and Collaborators to produce a wireless environment ready to make installation a breeze.

Why TraffiCalm Beacons?

  • Built-in confirmation light removes need for a second, reverse facing beacon
  • Built-in device 2 device collaboration means setup happens on unit and perpetuates to all others within 1000 ft. (300m)
  • Revolutionary slimline cabinet design and battery in the pole base provides sleek, box-free installation
  • Entirely backed by TraffiCalm’s outstanding 5-year warranty and installation support line
  • Thoughtful design makes installation faster and easier than ever before

      When: Jul 30, 2020 7:00 AM Hawaii Time
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