Manufacturer: TraffiCalm Systems
TraffiCalm TC Remote

Web-based platform to remotely connect all TraffiCalm flashing signs and intelligent warning signs.

TraffiCalm TC Remote

TC-Remote allows agencies to remotely connect TraffiCalm® Flashing Sign Systems and Intelligent Warning Systems in one easy-to-manage web-based platform. This cloud-based Smart City platform delivers the right information to
leverage your maintenance resources and infrastructure investment.

  • System Health Monitoring and Alerts
  • Remote Calendar Scheduling
  • Downloadable Reports on number of Activations and System Status
  • Sign Knock down and System Failure Alerts via email and SMS texts

Map and Icon Based Graphical User Interface
Remotely monitor the status of every TraffiCalm® Flashing Sign System with an interactive graphicalmap and icons in a web-based software.

10-Year Cellular Data and Service Plan
No recurring data plans or contracts to manage for the planned life of the communication equipment.Guaranteed compatibility with remote communication devices and service for a 10-year period.

Hub-Based Communications System for Low-CostDeployment
TraffiCalm TC-Remote requires only one cellular modem to a controller and all other collaborativesystems within range will connect to the hub through on-board Mesh Net radio communication. Thissaves you money compared to other systems on the market that require a modem to each device.

TraffiCalm TC Remote

    Monitoring Status includes: voltage input, solar voltage, system settings, schedule settings, communication strength, switch input settings, output settings, radar setting, and knock down sensors
    System Configuration, Output Control, Input Configuration, Radar Configuration, remote firmware upgrades
    Remote Communications Hub: Cellular CAT Ml Modem
    Remote Communications Hub dimensions, minus controller: 4"x4"x2" [10.16 cm x 10.16 cm x 5.08 cm) Cellular - 700MHz - 2.3 GHz Verizon ESIM
    Local Controller: Mesh Net, Wi-Fi
    Mesh Net - 2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum [DSSS)
    Wi-Fi - 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN
    2 Switch Inputs - Push Button input, Presence Detection, High Water Sensor, Over-Height Detector, Ice Sensor input, etc.
    1 Radar Input - 10' to 1200' Vehicle Detection Range
    2 Switched Outputs - LED Flashing Sign Rings, Circular Beacons, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, etc. (3 outputs for Push-2-Cross systems) with Pulse-Width Modulation dimming
    System Compatibility requires TraffiCalm" TC Remote compatible controllers and collaborators
    Operating Temperature - Electronics -40° C to +60° C operating range (-40° F to + 140° F)
    Humidity - 5-85% non-condensing
    NEMA 4X, IPBB Rated
    5-year warranty on electronics
    Unlimited tech support from US based factory technicians
    Guaranteed compatibility of communications devices and modem for the life of the 10-year data plan.
TraffiCalm TC Remote