MUTCD compliant to can be combined with many options

TraffiCalm’s SA328

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

  • Standard 20 groups of 4 Hi Intensity Amber LEDs for Redundancy and Uniform Light Distribution
  • Exceeds SAE J595 Class 1 Intensity
  • Meets SAE J578 for chromaticity
  • Each of the 80 LEDs that make up each SA328 RRFB have a built-in 15 degree UV resistant lens
  • Horizontal aiming adjustment
  • Side-mounted LEDs for a side visual confirmation
  • Dimensions:  24″ x 12″ x .85″

Can be combined with Push 2 Cross network with TC Connect to program on/off, flashing pattern, WiFi connectivity direct to your SignAlert controller


Guradian Wave Accessible Pedestrian System optional accessory to flashing beacons, Push 2 walk, and RRFB

The Guardian Independent Accessible Pedestrian System allows the user to access the TraffiCalm Push 2 Walk system without having to touch anything. The Covid-19 Pandemic has been a wake-up call for health and safety concerns across the globe. Campbell Company has developed touch-free options at the intersection to minimize the spread of germs and viruses and to keep pedestrians safer.

Guardian Wave™

Equipped with an active infrared sensor for no-contact actuation, pedestrians request to cross by waving a hand and showing intent to cross by holding hand 1 to 3 inches in front of the wave icon near the physical push button to 200 milliseconds. This safeguard protects the system from making an unwarranted call. With the physical push button still present and active, the Guardian Wave remains MUTCD compliant. No exclusivity or proprietary apps; the solution is available to all pedestrians.


This add-on option utilizes our agency orientated Guardian Bluetooth® module for non-contact actuation. Bump™ utilizes the user friendly PedCross™ app and allows a pedestrian to request to cross the street by placing their NFC enabled mobile device near the Guardian Bluetooth® module. The Bluetooth® module also allows for secure agency configuration via the PedConnex™ App.


  • Data Collection
  • No Devices in Cabinet
  • USB Interface
  • Night Mode Volume
  • Sound Directionality
  • Simple and Straightforward Installation
  • Adjustable Station Angle
  • Configuration Templates


  • Independent Locations
  • Independent Solution
  • Event Tracking Log
  • Ped Count/Call Data
  • Laptop Interface
  • Simple Menu Utility

NEMA TS 2 Certified

Meets MUTCD Guidelines