Manufacturer: Wanco®

The Wanco Traffic Data Collector provides a safe, non-intrusive method for monitoring and analyzing traffic patterns. Employing side-fire radar to measure vehicle speed and length, the Wanco Data Collector uses no wires, loops or hoses. An analytic graphing application is included, to make charting traffic data easy.


  • Tool for traffic engineers to investigate lane flow, speed and density
  • Use collected data to make decisions and recommendations for managing traffic
  • Investigate and validate complaints from citizens, neighborhoods and contractors
  • Planners can back up needs and recommendations with real data
  • Decide when to put police on the roads
  • Prove the need for traffic controls
  • Low-cost solution
  • Nonintrusive, no disturbance of traffic flow during installation or use
  • Radar-based design is less dangerous to install than loops and hoses
  • Most effective for two-lane roads
  • Counts both approaching and receding vehicles
  • Side-fire radar system captures date and time; traffic volume; and vehicle speed, direction and length
  • Registers more than 1 million vehicles in internal memory
  • Analytic graphing application charts count vs. speed, volume over time, and means & percentiles
  • Durable enclosure is weather-tight, lockable and portable
  • No exposed components, installed enclosure is inconspicuous
  • Can be added to virtually any Wanco product—speed trailers, message signs, beacon kits and more