Eagle's Tower Safety Storage Cabinets are constructed of 18-gauge steel and has 4" adjustable legs. 

The sides, top, bottom, and doors are double-walled with a 1 1/2" air space between walls. Includes two vents, each have 2" threaded fittings and fire baffle and cap. 


  • Yellow high gloss powder finish with red warning, plus grounding attachment
  • 3-point latch system, and 2" raised
  • leakproof door sill
  • Each shelf is adjustable, supported by 4 brackets, and can support 350 lbs
  • Meets NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements



1925LEGS12 gal.N1 Manual23" x 18" x 39"143 lbs.
1905LEGS16 gal.N1 Self-closing23" x 18" x 48"162 lbs.
1906LEGS16 gal.N1 Manual23" x 18" x 48"160 lbs.
1932LEGS30 gal.Y2 Manual43" x 18" x 48"257 lbs.
3010LEGS30 gal.Y2 Self-closing43" x 18" x 48"261 lbs.
1947LEGS45 gal.Y2 Manual43" x 18" x 69"352 lbs.
4510LEGS45 gal.Y2 Self-closing43" x 18" x 69"356 lbs.
1962LEGS60 gal.Y2 Manual31.25" x 31.25" x 69"364 lbs.
6010LEGS60 gal.Y2 Self-closing31.25" x 31.25" x 69"368 lbs.
1992LEGS90 gal.Y2 Manual43" x 34" x 69"490 lbs.
9010LEGS90 gal.Y2 Self-closing43" x 34" x 69"494 lbs.