Manufacturer: Power Flare

The PowerFlare is a simple and extremely rugged traffic safety device, designed to be used instead of flares.

The product features the latest in LED light technology, intelligent electronic circuitry, and unparalleled physical durability to outperform competing products at all levels. 

Each unit is about the size of a hockey puck and is strong enough to withstand being run over by the heaviest motor vehicles and keep working. 

Shell Colors: Yellow, Blue, Orange, Olive Drab, Black, Tan

LED Colors: Red (special order units available in yellow, green, blue, and infrared)

Flash Patterns

  1. Solid-on high
  2. Rotate
  3. Alternate
  4. Quad-blink
  5. Double blink
  6. Fast blink
  7. Slow blink
  8. Solid-on low
  9. "SOS" distress flash
  10. Flashlight

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  • The PowerFlare pays for itself within 24 to 48 hours of use by eliminating the expense of flares and by reducing the labor and risk to personnel

Superior Visibility & Safety

  • The units use super-bright lights that can be seen for miles. Our rechargeable version runs up to 100 hours on a single charge
  • Unlike an incendiary flare the PowerFlare unit is not a fire hazard and creates no noxious, toxic fumes
  • They cause no harm to the environment

Durable & Reliable

  • The units can withstand demanding road conditions without leaving toxic chemicals
  • They don't corrode and have no external switches or moving parts to break
  • They can survive being run over many times and still keep on working

Easy To Use

  • All units have an easy-to-use, one-button operation, capable of turning the unit on and off, cycling through ten different flash patterns, and providing a single tactical flash
  • The standard unit (non-rechargeable) can run up to 150 hours before needing a battery change
  • The rechargeable units can run up to 100 hours on a single charge and automatically activate when removed from their smart charger

Deployable in Harsh Environments

  • Units can be used in hot or freezing temperatures and underwater
  • They are safe to use in gasoline and many other HAZMAT situations because of our intrinsically safe design

Approvals & Certifications

  • Complies with US DOT (FMCSA) 49 CFR 392.24 & 393.95 (g)
  • MUTCD Type A (flashing) and Type C (solid on)
  • Designed to meet MIL-SPEC/MIL-STD 810 for shock, vibration, and water-resistance
  • CE Certified
  • RoHS Compliant