Manufacturer: Wanco®

Wanco portable LED lighting is self-sustained with auto solar charging — no external power supply or noisy generators needed. The mobile trailer puts light where you want it. Our LED lamps provide a wide-angle light pattern for glare-free illumination over a large work area.


The Wanco portable solar tower provides light without noise, and without an external power supply. Its high-efficiency LED lights can be raised to 16.5 feet, providing light over an area of well over 1000 square feet.

In applications where noise is an issue, silent power is the only option. The energy-efficient lights on these light towers are powered by batteries, which are charged automatically via the adjustable solar panels. Fully charged batteries will provide light for 40 hours or more—with solar charging, the unit is self-sustaining from spring through summer and fall. Portable and easy to deploy, setup takes less than 5 minutes by one person.

Common Applications

- Special events

- Neighborhoods

- Rural & hard-to-reach areas

- Emergency response

- Crime scenes

- Accident investigation

- Utility repairs

- Construction & work sites

- Temporary security

- Military applications

- Wherever high-voltage power is not an option

  • Bright, wide-angle light pattern
  • Telescoping four-section mast
  • Noiseless battery power lasts for days
  • Manual or automatic photocell-controlled on/off
  • Automatic solar charging