Designed for application on asphalt and Portland cement concrete road surfaces, these markers provide highly effective, long-life visibility, particularly at night and in wet weather.

Available in white, yellow or blue body with white, yellow, red or blue lens.

3M Pavement Markers

3MRPM-290-WR - Type C white/red ARS (State)
3MRPM-291-2Y - Type D 2-way yellow ARS (State)
3MRPM-291-Y - Type H 1-way yellow ARS (State)
3MRPM-295-2B - Type DB 2-way blue square marker
MKR20-0034 - Bituminous adhesive 55 lb box
QCMEA531A - Epoxy Type A Std 1 gal set
PCMEA531B - Epoxy Type B Std 1 gal set