With interchangeable parts the FLEAT (Flared Energy Absorbing Terminal) offers significant safety and economical advantages over other parabolic curved flared terminals. The rail is installed at a “straight” flare (with a 2’-6” - 4’-0” offset), and thus requires much less layout time than parabolic systems. With fewer small components, installation and maintenance time is greatly reduced. For head-on impacts, the FLEAT is energy-absorbing and controls vehicles in a much more predictable manner. This means less recovery area is needed between the hazard and the end of the terminal. Redirection in traffic face impacts is improved in the straight flare.

  • 37’-6” long with 7 breakaway posts for Test Level 3 design speed
  • Test Level 2 version available in 25’ length with 5 breakaway posts
  • The only energy-absorbing flared end terminal to meet NCHRP 350
  • Components interchangeable with SKT and FLEAT-MT