Two component epoxy with an equal mix ratio. High viscosity paste consistency.


A-4036 is primarily used in bonding pavement markers to Portland Cement and asphalt concrete. The Standard Set allows sufficient induction time to install markers by hand

Other uses include, bonding precast concrete on wheel stop parking lot, traffic cones top existing substrates.



Surfaces to be bonded must be free of oil, wax, grease, or other contaminants that might impair adhesion.


Mix equal amounts of Part A with equal amounts of Part B and stir thoroughly unitl a uniform gray color is obtained wiht the absence of black or white streaks. Automatic machine dispenser and mixer can also be used. However, the A-4036 Standard Set is generally used when hand application is more feasible. Check supplier and/or manufacturer for specification. Do not mix more material than will be used within 6 minutes.

Technical Data

Color:Part AWhite
Part BBlack; Mixed Gray
Mix Ratio:1 Part "a" to Part "B" By Volume.
Viscosity:Part A3500-5000 poises
Part B3500-5000 poises
Shear Ration2.0
Gel Time6-10 minutes

Bond strength to concrete, time minutes, to reach not less than 200 PSI

At 77°F, ± 2°F - 3.5 hours

Safety and Health Precautions

Some persons are sensitive to the ingredients in A-4036 Epoxy. the epoxy resins or curing agent can cause skin irritations or dermatitis if proper precautions are not followed. Protection to skin and eyes should be provided by use of gloves, face shields and safety shoes. In the event of skin contact, wash immediately with soap.