APEX Non-Reflective Ceramic Markers

APEX Non-Reflective Ceramic Markers conform to the following specifications:

  • Non-reflective pavement markers (Types A and AY) shall be, at the option of the Contractor, either ceramic or plastic conforming to these specifications.
  • The top surface of the marker shall be convex with a gradual change in curvature. The top, bottom and sides shall be free of objectionable marks or discoloration that will affect adhesion or appearance.
  • The bottom of markers shall have areas of integrally formed protrusions or indentations, which will increase the effective bonding surface area of adhesive. The bottom surface of the marker shall not deviate more than 0.05-inch from a flat surface. The areas of protrusion shall have faces parallel to the
    bottom of the marker and shall project approximately 0.04-inch from the bottom.
85-104A Non-Reflective Pavement Markers (Ceramic)
  • Ceramic non-reflective pavement markers Types A and AY shall consist of a heat-fired, vitreous, ceramic base and a heat-flred, opaque, glazed surface to produce the properties required in these specifications. The markers shall be produced from any suitable combination of intimately mixed clays, shales, talcs,
    flints, feldspars or other inorganic material which will meet the properties herein required. The markers shall be thoroughly and evenly matured and free from defects which affect appearance or serviceability
  • Tests shall be performed in conformance with the requirements in California Test 669.
TestTest DescriptionRequirement
aBond strength700 psi, minimum
bGlaze thickness0.007", minimum
cHardness6 Moh, minimum
dLuminance factor, Type A, white markers only, glazed surface75, minimum
eYellowness index, Type A, white markers only, glazed surface7, maximum
fColor-yellow, Type AY, yellow markers only. The chromaticity coordinates shall be within a color box defined in CTM 669Pass
gCompressive strength1500 lbs, minimum
hWater absorption2.0%, maximum
iArtificial weathering, 500 hours exposure, yellowness index20, maximum