Evergrip Marker Adhesive is a hot melt adhesive used to permanently bond pavement markers to Portland cement and asphalt

Typical Physical Properties
  • Property Test Procedure Min Max
  • Softening point ASTM D36 210°F/99°C
  • Penetration @ 77°F/25°C, (dmm) ASTM D5 10 20
  • Flow, inch ASTM D3407 None
  • Viscosity, 400°F/204°C, cps 2000 6000
  • Flash point, C.O.C ASTM D92 580°F/304°C
Storage and Handling

The Evergrip product should be stored in the manufacturer's containers in a cool, dry place until ready to use. Evergrip bituminous marker adhesive should not be heated above 435 F°. It should not be applied to wet or uncured pavement.


The pavement surface should be dry, cured and clean. The product should be heated in a temperaturecontrolled heater/applicator with agitation system. The adhesive should be dispensed at the desired intervals at an application temperature of 395°F to 415°F (202°C to 213° C). The marker should be pressed into the Evergrip adhesive immediately and allowed to cool for at least one minute before subjecting the marker to traffic.

Working Conditions

The Evergrip Marker Adhesive should be applied in normal dry working conditions when the ambient temperature is at least 40°F (4°C).


Asphalt stains can be removed with non-hazardous, bio-degradable cleaners. Waterless hand cleaner should be used to clean skin, following the cleaner manufacturer's instructions carefully.


The product is packaged in 55 lb. (25 kg) fiber cartons with four-way dividers (36 cartons per pallet).