The design of this trench shield series utilizes the latest developments in steel strength, engineering, know-how, and field experience. And, of course, they continue to maintain the high standard of workmanship that contractors have come to rely on from G.M.E. for over three decades. Front and rear spreader arrangements allow for high pipe clearance at both ends of the trench shield (64 inches of clearance with an 8 foot high shield).

"A" SERIES trench shield features:
  • Non-rigid design
  • Heavy duty cutting edge (on shields with knife edge)
  • High tensile steel throughout
  • Unitized thru-wall collar assemblies
  • Honey-comb inner structure
  • Slot welding
  • Standard 4 point lifting lugs (recessed)
  • All certified by a licensed Professional Engineer to meet OSHA standards
  • Utilizes A Series loose spreader system
  • Utilizes 8" schedule 80 spreader pipes with 2" diameter pin
  • Built-on stacking lugs