Since 1996, Ideal Shield is the specialized manufacturer of the Original Bumper Post Sleeve, the strongest guardrail on the market, and a variety of handrail systems. Our patented line of products saves time, money, and maintenance by eliminating the need to paint. We continue to be the industry leader in facility maintenance solutions with a long list of acclaimed products which also includes sign bases, goal posts, column wraps, clearance bars, and more. With hundreds of styles available in a variety of sizes and colors, we continually meet the needs of any facility.

All Ideal Shield products are designed to be a cost-effective way to improve safety outside and within a facility, protect machinery as well as personnel, and enhance overall appearance.

It’s not just selection or volume that makes Ideal Shield the “Handrail, Guardrail, and Bollard Cover Company”. Since we began doing business, our mission has been to search for innovative ways to ensure we deliver the best in product quality and customer service. Through rigid engineering tests and inspection, we are able to certify every product we create and sell exceeds the highest standards of excellence.

Located in Southwest Detroit, with five manufacturing plants and a superb distribution network throughout the United States, Ideal Shield’s product line is proudly made in America and readily available for quick shipping.