In an effort to achieve uniformity throughout the United States, the Department of Transportation suggests the use of specific signs, sign sizes and finishes for various highways, roads and streets. These guidelines are outlined in the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for Streets and Highways.”

GP Roadway Solutions fabricates signs locally, according to State and Federal Highway specifications, based on the MUTCD. Although the specific application is the responsibility of the customer, GPRS offers a wide spectrum of MUTCD compliant and non-MUTCD signs.

We encourage our customers to follow the guidelines when ordering traffic signs. To place an order or inquire about availability, please specify the sign code, finish and size and consult with any of our sales representatives.

Standard Finishes Available:
• EG – Engineer Grade
• HI – High Intensity
• DG – Diamond Grade

Aluminum Thickness Available:
• 0.063”
• 0.080”
• 0.100”


Regulatory Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs for parking lot

Regulatory Traffic Signs 2

* MUTCD Does Not Apply

Warning Signs

Warning Signs 2

Warning Signs 3

* MUTCD Does Not Apply

Construction Warning Signs

Construction Warning Signs 2

* MUTCD Does Not Apply

Hawaii street name signs

street name signs

School Signs Hawaii

Parks and recreational signs

special word signs