PRO 2104700



Installs onto 3-1/2 in. to 14 in. wide I-beam flange (9-35.5 cm) up to 1-1/4" thick (3.2 cm)

Versatile size range fits many beams and securely attaches your persoanl fall arrest system to the structure. 

Compact and lightweight design

Attaching to the anchorage structure is simple and fast.

Extremely rugged and corrosion resistant

Quality materials and construction offer maximum durability.

Replaceable wear pads eliminate metal-to-metal contact

Synthetic wear pads reduce friction between the anchor and the I-beam, allowing smooth, effortless operation.

Guarded lock mechanism

Anchor is protected from accidental disengagement. The locking tab is located on the side instead of the top, reducing the chance of it being kicked or forced open by the user's lanyard.

Complete hands-free horizontal mobility

Anchor effortlessly slides across the beam following you as you work.

High strength steel and aluminum construction

With an overall 5000 lb (22kN) strength and a 420 lb (189 kg) user capacity, the device provides a strong and safe connection.

Rotating D-ring tie-off point is fixed in center

Dual clamp adjustment and the D-ring fixed to the middle of the load bar, you can perfectly center the device on the beam for smooth operation.

Integrated dual ratcheting adjustment system

Depress locking tab on either beam clamp and slide to fit snug against beam for fast adjustment.

use Force2 lanyard when tieing off at feet

Unique shock absorbing lanyard can be used for up to a 12 ft. (3.7 m) free fall, ideal when there is no overhead anchorage and your only option is to tie-off at your feet.



Attachment Type Info Clamp
Fits I-Beam Flange Width 3-1/2 to 14 in. (9 - 35.5 cm)
Install Type Reusable
Capacity 310 lbs (141 kg) ANSI / 420 lb (190 kg) OSHA
Sub Brand Glyder
Size 3-1/2 in. to 14 in. wide I-beams (9-35.5 cm) up to 1-1/4" thick (3.2 cm)
iSafe Equipped Yes
Length 3-1/2 in. to 14 in. wide I-beams (9-35.5 cm) up to 1-1/4" thick (3.2 cm)
Label Vinyl
Wear Pad Polyethylene
Fastener Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated Steel
Model 2104700
Physcial Dimensions 19.30 x 3.00 x 4.30 (in)
Physcial Weight 3.90 lbs (1.8 kg)
Product Styles Mobile
Product Types Anchors for Steel
Standards OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502, Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. Req., ANSI A10.32, ANSI Z359.1